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Dear Partner, 

Armenian-Hungarian joint venture "Richter-Lambron" is pleased to welcome you. 

Our company is focused on the sale of imported drugs (Gedeon Richter, KRKA, LEK, HEXAL, SANOFI-AVENTIS, EGIS, JANSSEN PHARMACEUTICALS, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM, SOPHARMA, GM PHARMACEUTICALS, LMP, Pieree Fabre, TEVA PHARMACEUTICAL, ZENTIVA, ANTIBIOTICE S.A, Tis farmaceutic, ZAMBON Group SPA, BIOPHARM, BIOSOLA, MPI PHARMACEUTICALS, Capricorn, KRKA-Cosmetics, LEK-Cosmetics, Sebapharma, Arabia Diamond Tex, Waritex) as well as drugs of more than 70 manufacturers, purchased from our local partners. 

With over 16-years experience in the pharmaceutical market, we offer you direct cooperation. What can you expect from such cooperation? 


In our price list you can find competitive prices, the level of which will be constantly adjusted according to the principle of maximum benefit to your pharmacy. We plan in the future to carry on various activities, participation in which will allow you to increase the profitability of your company. 


We provide guaranteed quality coming directly from manufacturers and authorized distributors, certified and quality controlled by the Ministry of Health of RA production. Our stock which is in line with European standards, is provided with all the conditions for professional storage of pharmaceuticals, medical belongings, cosmetics and hygiene items. We keep constant monitoring of temperature and humidity levels. There are special cold rooms for storage of product groups with different temperature regimes, as well as have a special bunker for the storage of psychotropic and narcotic drugs. Warehouse is equipped with high technology to raise usability of receipt, storage, collection and release of goods. Our professional pharmacists conduct persistent monitoring of storage and circulation of goods. It should be noted that since 1999 we keep 100% serial supervision of whole production, long before the order about product mandatory serial register in outgoing documents was adopted by the Ministry of Health of RA in 2002. 


Thanks to skilled personnel and adequate technical equipment we provide perfect clarity and a minimum time loss between the processes of placing order and receiving goods at your pharmacy. 


Activity Your pharmacy can be at most involved in the promotional activities carried out by authorized representatives of manufacturers who are represented in our price list of medicines. 

In our price list we give you full information about medicine‚Äôs pharmaceutical formulation, shelf-life and indicate what drugs are in the active promotion. Moreover, our staff is always well-disposed to update you with all information you need. 

We wish the mutually beneficial cooperation! 

"Richter-Lambron" JV LTD